About Bronze Eye Tattoo

Embark on an Odyssey of Connectivity!

Getting a Tattoo is an Adventure!

While fun and attractive, of course, a tattoo can also be a powerful experience of growth, healing, or connection to something bigger than ourselves. They help us to create meaning and intention in our appearance and to unify our inward and outward identities.

They have the power to help us feel more complete, confident, and authentic.

Bronze Eye Tattoo is a chill, approachable, and respectful, queer owned and operated tattoo studio. We are eager to design and create your next tattoo. We work in a variety of styles to suit your needs and interests.

How We Work

Here each client gets the focused, one-on-one attention they deserve. Each tattoo starts with an unhurried consultation, allowing for a genuine connection between the client and the artist. Once we both feel confident we’re on the same page, we’ll set an appointment for your tattoo, and work will begin on your design. 

On tattoo day, we’ll go over your design together and make any necessary adjustments before we start.

Our Commitments

Hate, judgment, or disrespect of any kind is never tolerated within our walls.

All tattoos include free touch-ups for life.

About Joshua

Joshua has had a lifelong passion for learning, growing, and participating in art.

He is an approachable and considerate artist that finds great joy in collaboratively creating tattoos that go above and beyond attractive adornment.

He started tattooing professionally in Loveland in 2016 and opened Bronze Eye Tattoo in early 2021.

“My body art journey started in 1994 the first time I tattooed myself at age 14. Since then, my tattoos have helped me grow toward the best and truest version of myself. They help me realize and become who I want to be and they connect me with others in my various communities. These are the experiences I most love sharing with my clients.

“I identify as a queer, non-binary white dude and I recognize my tremendous privilege as I enjoy the freedom to follow my passions, do the work I choose, and work at my own pace in a prosperous community.

“I humbly strive to create tattoos that exceed expectations in an environment that is safe and comfortable.”

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Creating tattoos that stand out by discovering what resonates within.

Approachable and eager to design and customize your new future obsession, schedule a consultation with Josh at your new favorite studio, Bronze Eye Tattoo.

Creating tattoos that stand out by discovering what resonates within.

Experience the difference.

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